State Government Information and the copyright conundrum

Please join us for this free webinar presented by ALA’s Office of IT Policy and the Copyright Education Subcommittee.


Figuring out whether state government documents are copyrighted is a tricky question. Copyright law has significant impact on the work libraries, digital repositories, and even state agencies, with regards to digitizing and web archiving state government information.


Free State Government Information (FSGI)

been steadily working to raise awareness and find pathways forward for policy change with regards to the copyright issue of state government publications.


Get the scoop from the FSGI at the next CopyTalk on February 4th at 2pm Eastern/11 am Pacific.


This presentation will cover:

  •     who we are and why we are tackling copyright issues with state government
  •     specific state government information projects that academic, state, and digital libraries are engaged in that are impacted by copyright
  •     a way forward to address copyright policy in the states:Kyle Courtney’s 50 state survey of copyright policies, State Copyright Resource Center



Bernadette Bartlett, Library of Michigan, Michigan Documents Librarian

Kyle Courtney, Copyright Advisor, Harvard University

Kristina Eden, Copyright Review Program Manager, HathiTrust

Kris Kasianovitz, Stanford University Library, Government Information


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