Student Travel Reimbursement Policy

In order to encourage student to apply for the CALA student membership (URL), the Midwest Chapter continues to reimburse the student participants, a maximum of $100 to help cover costs including transportation hotel, and registration. Pending upon the availability of the funding. Paper or PDF (preferred) copy of receipt for each activity is required for reimbursement. Receipt(s) can be scanned in PDF file and sent to the Treasurer of the CALA Midwest Chapter. Receipts should include the following information: a participant’s name, itinerary (travel schedule), destination and cost information. The amount reimbursed will be equal to the total payments reflected on your receipt(s) up to $100. For additional information, please visit FAQ at URL.


  • For hotel reimbursement, if you plan to share a hotel room, please contact your hotel for a split receipt reflecting the amount you paid. If all guests in your room are eligible for this reimbursement, each student will need to send in their own receipts.
  • If you drive your personal car or carpool, inform the treasurer in advance whether you drive alone or how many passengers you are going to carpool with. CALA Midwest Chapter follows University of Illinois business travel policy. The reimbursement is calculated by mileage, at $0.535 per mile. See link:,4682,7-191–402778–,00.html
  • According to Google Maps estimations, the round trip from the UIUC Campus to Chinatown, Chicago, is 266 miles (133 miles each direction). Therefore, the total amount is $142.31 ($0.535 x 266 miles = $142.31). If you do not carpool, the total reimbursed amount would be $100 as the total amount $142.31 would exceed the allowed amount of $100. If you carpool, you split the total amount with other passenger(s) and get reimbursed for what you owe.
  • Printing and copying expenses will not be reimbursed by CALA Midwest Chapter.
  • Please send me your receipts as attachments. Your current name and mailing address are needed if you want your reimbursement check to be mailed out to you.
  • If receipt(s) is missing, please contact Midwest Chapter Treasurer as soon as possible. The treasurer will work with the Midwest Chapter president to proceed with the confirmation of receipt.

Created: 06/09/2017