Free webcast on linked data – Getting your library visible on the web

Getting your library visible on the Web


When people in your community search for the latest best-seller on the Web is your library one of the top results? Probably not because most library records are hidden from the Web. Linked data can change that.


With linked data, your collections become visible (and discoverable) on the Web. You’ll be able to reach *both* users and non-users who are searching in their favorite search engine or searching by voice on mobile devices. Zepheira and NoveList are leading the way in creating linked data solutions for public libraries.


This free webcast, led by Eric Miller and Duncan Smith, will fill you in on the strategy and the ‘why’ of linked data, and provide a preview of enrichment possibilities. Then Rachel Fewell will share how the Denver Public Library has taken the lead in getting their library discovered on the web.

Date: Tuesday, June 14

Time: 2-3pm Eastern