Disbanded the mailing list of the Midwest Chapter

Dear All,

Mwlist, the mailing list for CALA Midwest Chapter, was voted by the Chapter Executive Committee to be disbanded. It has already been deleted from the hosting service, and all the past messages have been archived.
It saw little necessity to keep a mailing list for how it had been in use. The list, in the vast majority (if not all) of cases, was merely used to communicate announcements from various Chapter committees. cala-list alone, to which the same set of messages were meanwhile distributed, however, sufficed to achieve the observed purpose, not to mention the postings on the Chapter website.
In the future, the Chapter will leverage the membership platform (if such need arises) while continuing to use the two aforementioned channels.

Best regards,
Minhao Jiang
CALA Midwest Chapter President 2019-2020